Just-In-Case Emergency Information Card
Just-In-Case Emergency Information Card
Just-In-Case Emergency Information Card
Just-In-Case Emergency Information Card
Just-In-Case Emergency Information Card
Just-In-Case Emergency Information Card
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Just-In-Case Emergency Information Card

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While perfectly useful and at home in any wallet or purse, the Just-In-Case Emergency Information Card was designed to be tucked inside of a phone case between the case and the phone itself. (Get it? Just-In-Case?) Wherever your phone goes with you, you’ll rest assured knowing that you have important emergency contact and health information on you. If someone reaches you after an accident or incident of any kind, they’ll be able to grab your phone and find the essential information they need to know. If you leave your phone in a taxi, on a plane, or at a restaurant, or if it falls out of your pocket while hiking the trails or bustling around town, you’ll know that whoever finds it will be able to contact you and return your phone to you. And if your phone runs out of battery power but you still have access to another phone, you'll have the numbers of your emergency contacts written on the card.

An "EMERGENCY INFO INSIDE CASE" sticker on the outside of the phone case makes it easy for people to find the emergency information once they see your phone. The card itself is made of plastic and is extremely durable. It's the same size and shape as a credit card but not quite as thick. 

Here's what you get when you order the Just-In-Case Emergency Information Card:

  • Plastic Just-In-Case card
  • 2 "EMERGENCY INFO INSIDE CASE" stickers (in the event that one comes off from wear or you use multiple phone cases or get a new phone)
  • Clear laminating sticker – This is put over the front of the card after you write on it to prevent the writing from smudging.

Click here to read the full Just-In-Case Emergency Information Card instructions before you purchase.

For an additional $2, you can also get a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point permanent marker. This is what I've found works best to write on the plastic card. You may already have one of these laying around your house, and this marker/pen is widely available at Walmarts, grocery stores, etc. But if you don't have one and don't want to deal with trying to find one, you can choose the "With Pen" option above.

There are a few other notes and things you should know before buying this product:

  • The exterior sticker may not adhere well to very textured phone cases. 
  • If your phone has a fingerprint reader on the back of the phone, having a credit card-sized piece of plastic inside of the case may prevent you from accessing the fingerprint reader. Test it out by putting a credit card inside of your case to see if it would interfere. 
  • If you have a clear case, you don't need need the sticker at all
  • The tolerances between your phone and phone case may be so tight that even adding something the thickness of a credit card between them may cause the case to fit imperfectly. If this is the case, you can return the card for free for a full refund. These tolerances are especially important for cases that waterproof a phone case, and the Just-In-Case Emergency Information Card is not recommended for use with that kind of case.
  • There is a space on the card for you to write your blood type. If you don't know your blood type, consider getting one of these sub-$10 kits on Amazon. That's what I did, and it worked great.

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