Bug Screener Magnetic Window Screens Pair
Bug Screener Magnetic Window Screens Pair
Bug Screener Magnetic Window Screens Pair
Bug Screener Magnetic Window Screens Pair
Bug Screener Magnetic Window Screens Pair
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Bug Screener Magnetic Window Screens Pair

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NOTE: As of July 1, 2019, Bug Screeners now come with 14 magnets per screen instead of 12 (28 total for the pair of screens instead of 24). The magnets themselves are now also larger (see this photo with the new magnet on the left and old one on the right). Note that the new magnets are not yet reflected in the other product photos or video.

The Kamchatka Gear Bug Screeners are window screens that cover your vehicle's windows, allowing you to sleep inside with the windows rolled down and not have to worry about bugs getting inside. This means dramatically improved ventilation and cooler temperatures for you inside the vehicle.

Bug Screeners consist of two mesh window screens and two sets of magnets for covering two windows. (In other words, you're getting double of what you see in the photos.) The window screens themselves are made from a very fine no-see-um mesh. This is much better stuff than traditional mosquito netting because the holes are much smaller. No insect will be able to get through, not even tiny little no-see-ums (hence the name of the mesh). Each screen is a rectangle approximately 40 inches wide and 24 inches high (give or take an inch or so). Each of the two screens comes with 14 small yet very strong neodymium magnets. The magnets are not sewn into the screen but are separate and can be moved around as needed. This gives Bug Screeners the amazing versatility to fit the window of any vehicle window that is equal to or smaller than about 38 inches wide by 22 inches high. 

There are two ways to position your Bug Screener: on the outside of your vehicle and on the inside of your vehicle. Regardless of the screen’s position, the window itself can be in any state of openness when the screen is being used; that is, it can be rolled down a tiny bit, all the way, or anywhere in between.

1. Use Outside the Vehicle

Position the Bug Screener over a window, and place the magnets as needed to hold the screen in place, as shown below.

If the window is part of a door that you will be opening and closing while using the Bug Screener, make sure the magnets are attached to the door only and not to the other parts of the vehicle. It may be necessary to fold over the edges of the window screen so they don’t get caught in the door when closing it, as shown below.

Magnet car window screen folded over

2. Use Inside the Vehicle

This method is often easiest to implement when the door is closed and you are sitting inside the vehicle. With the window up, position the screen so that it covers the window, and place the magnets on the edges of the screen so they stick to the metal window frame. You may need to fold the edges of the screen and tuck them under the magnets so they don’t get stuck when closing the door, a shown below.

Magnetic car window screens folded over

Note that this method of use is dependent upon the window frame being metal, and therefore it may not work in all vehicles. Also, while the sides and top of many vehicle window frames are often metal, the bottom side is often not, so it will be impossible to secure the screen there with magnets. When this is the case, it is helpful to keep the window up at least a couple of inches (5 centimeters) from the bottom and to keep the bottom of the screen pulled as tautly as possible between the magnets on the sides. (See the image below.) This will help prevent bugs from getting into the vehicle. 

Magnetic window screen

One benefit of this second method of use versus the first method is that you can roll the windows up and drive with the screen still in place. When you get to your next camp, simply roll the window down, and you’re good to go. Do this at your own risk, however; the screen may hinder visibility through the window it is covering.


When not using the Bug Screener, fold it up and place it and the magnets into the heavy-duty plastic bag that the items came packaged in. Store the bag in your glove compartment, seat-back pocket, or any other convenient place in your vehicle.


  • Made in the USA
  • Will fit any vehicle with windows that are 38 inches wide by 22 high or smaller
  • Color: Black window screens, black magnets
  • In the package: 28 magnets, 2 window screens (24 x 40 inches/61 x 101 centimeters), and 2 reusable plastic storage bags
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces per pair (289 grams)

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