Hi, I'm Tristan. I've spent hundreds of days camping and traveling around the western United States in my 2011 Toyota RAV4. I call it my SUV RV. Over the course of my travels, I've figured out a lot of ways to make traveling and living in such a small space not only possible but also easier and more enjoyable. I started a blog, wrote a book, and set up a YouTube channel to chronicle my adventures and share what I learn with others.

In order to make use of the limited space inside of my tiny little home on wheels, I began designing and making (on a $50 refurbished sewing machine from Walmart) gear to maximize storage space and improve my traveling and camping experience. I've always been a tinkerer and someone who likes things to be just how I want them to be, so it was natural for me to make gear that solved my wants, problems, and needs. As I started showing these prototypes in my YouTube videos, people would comment asking if they could buy the items from me. This positive feedback—and the ensuing dozens of prototypes, the tons of product ideas, and a newer, more capable sewing machine—eventually led to the founding of Kamchatka Gear, a company dedicated to crafting innovative gear for vehicle-based adventures. 

But what is Kamchatka? It's a peninsula on the far eastern edge of Russia. Rugged, wild, remote, and effectively cut off from the rest of the country, Kamchatka is Russia's version of Alaska. It's a land of untouched boreal forests, king-sized salmon, hoards of grizzly bears, enormous volcanoes, astounding natural beauty, and few people. Though I've not yet been to Kamchatka, to me the place symbolizes the same sense of adventure and exploration that I have experienced in my little SUV while exploring the forgotten corners and empty spaces of my own country.

Regardless of where your road takes you—be it to the Russian Far East, to the wild mountains and empty deserts of the American West, to a nearby campground in the forest an hour from home, to work, or to the grocery store—I know that the gear I make will make life in your car, SUV, van, truck, or RV easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

Tristan Higbee
Ogden, Utah

Tristan Higbee