When Will Items Be Back in Stock?

It's summer, and summer is my busiest time of year. I'm traveling basically every other week, and in the weeks between, I'm editing videos, planning trips, and working on my new site, Adventure Know-How. That means that there's no time for sewing, and that means there's no time to replenish Kamchatka Gear stock for the items I need to make myself. 

Managing the stock/inventory has been a constant struggle since launching. There's an obvious solution to this, of course: hire someone to make the items for me. This is indeed the plan, and it's something I should have done long ago. The problem is that it would take time to both find someone to hire and teach them how to make the items. And again, this is time I don't have right now. So once my travel schedule slows down a bit—I'm thinking a November/December timeframe—I will dedicate myself to outsourcing the product manufacturing. Until then, Cargo Hammocks and Multi-Hangers will remain out of stock. Stickers and magnets will remain in stock and will continue to ship, but those items may not ship for a week or two due to my travel schedule.

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