Visor Bags! (And In-Stock Issues)

It's new product time! I just launched the Visor Bag in very limited quantities. As its name implies, it's a bag that attaches to the visor in your car, making it easy to store receipts, makeup, napkins, snacks, or whatever else you can think of. Unlike other visor "organizers," the Kamchatka Gear Visor Bag is a single pocket with a zipper on it. No annoying loops, straps, compartments, or sleeves. Check it out here. Note that because I'm currently on the road for several weeks and traveling through remote areas, I am able to ship out orders only once ever week or so. See more info here.

You may also have noticed that several Kamchatka Gear products are currently out of stock. They will be this way for at least another month and possibly longer. The reason? The aforementioned road trip. I can't take my sewing machine and all of the fabric and buckles and everything else I need with me on these trips, so the sewing of new products will have to wait until I get back home. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I know it's annoying, and believe me, I would love to have tons and tons of product to sell to you, but we'll both have to wait a bit longer. Thanks for understanding.


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